Boost Business Success with Instagram #J560

Building brands is difficult enough without marketing mishaps. Every business starts out grasping for straws in the dark, but Instagram can boost your visibility and sales through customer engagement.  Entree shots, wine photos, and restaurant pictures bring likes and visits from followers. Instagram photos of customers smiling and enjoying food can lure new clients inside your … More Boost Business Success with Instagram #J560

#Pay To Play #J560

Social media marketers, content strategist, branding experts, and public relations professionals work tirelessly to build brands. It’s clear that today’s winners in the social media game are those who pay the piper. Paid Influencers rake in the highest followers and revenues. Some critics doubt “pay to play” the game. Suzanne Delzio’s exhaustive article brilliantly lays out the data so even … More #Pay To Play #J560

Web Videos Equals Business Success #J560

In today’s competitive world, web writers must offer snazzy and clever articles tagged with eye catching videos to lure the attention of microwave readers. This article skillfully details why web videos make your content relevant and more importantly shared. The article includes useful tips and infographics to assist new web writers in their own success. … More Web Videos Equals Business Success #J560

Rule Social Media

  After reviewing the book “No Bullshit Social Media”, by Jason Falls and Erik Decker, I realized how social media is the business tsunami of the 21st century. No other activity has blanketed every part of the society like social media. Social media changed everything especially for businesses. Companies must engage with customers to remain relevant … More Rule Social Media

15 Smart People Websites

Today more than ever, we spend hours online researching all kinds of data from dating to business brand strategies.  Time is limited for more reasons than one and improving searches is important. Information enhances, informs, stretches and validates the researcher. What if your time online produces the ultimate cerebral production expansion?  Well here are 12 websites below which … More 15 Smart People Websites